The Marketing Process

Together Laura and Jim consult and advise clients from the very beginning, to determine the best mechanisms and strategies to sell the home, and at the highest price. 

First impressions are key to a successful sale. Together, Laura and Jim can help you increase the value of your property with suggested improvements, as desired.

Statistics show that staged homes sell faster. If you desire home staging, or if your home is unfurnished, Laura and Jim can help you arrange elegant home staging to complement the natural beauty, colors, design, and floor-plan of your home.

Laura and Jim market listings to their expansive contact list via email marketing, reaching both potential clients and agents world-wide. Your property will be featured in the emails regularly.

Laura and Jim will market your home via social media channels that are updated frequently with new, exciting content, including sneak peaks, video tours, photos and more.

Their effective digital strategies and tools help to maximize interest in your home! With their listings connected across multiple platforms, such as the MLS, Zillow, RedFin, you can ensure your home will be easily detectable by the prospective clientele and the agent community.

Laura and Jim commission the best photographers capable of showcasing and accentuating your home’s most luxurious features.

Laura and Jim will curate custom property designs, professionally done by the marketing team for your home - including mailers that get sent to hand-selected clientele. Additionally, they will market your home in magazine and news ads that target their audience, including San Diego Premier Magazine and Ranch & Coast Magazine, as well as other outlets. Your home will be featured regularly.

The office window displays, in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe by the coffee shop and in Downtown Del Mar, both receive amazing foot traffic.

With the owner’s permission, multiple open houses for the public will be held. Open houses, known as caravans, specifically for the entire agent community may take place as well.

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